All of the Amazing Projects this summer!!

I am so excited to share all of the rock-star art, play, collaboration, and opportunity for community engagement that is running my summer!   Starting from Micro and going to Macro- Get your calendars out and have a pen ready, because there is bound to be something you are interested in!  Please email me with any questions, comments, or desires to get involved!

AMALGAMATION: Community sourced installation project with artist salons andengagements occurring weekly through the months of June and July at The Red Poppy Art House in the Mission, SF.

“This project seeks to integrate the residency of artist Ralph Vázquez-Concepción at the Red Poppy Art House, the Family Arts Program of the Poppy, local residents and artists as well as invited artists from abroad to participate in a dialogue about what the meaning of the terms ‘networks’, ‘systems’, and ‘community’ mean to them. The result will be an installation that will express, if in a conceptual manner, the continuum of significations, as well as the way these terms integrate in culture; Everyone has an idea of what the central motifs for this installation are, and it is that intuitive understanding which will take center stage and become the content of the final collaborative work.”

All are welcome and encouraged to participate- even sending in your contribution(s), with a short description is welcome!!  Short videos, icons, articles…  this is a wonderful opportunity to actively engage in your networks.

Movement Play Microfestival: June 22-25, Willits, CA (only 350 amazing people!) dancing, eating delicious food, and playing in all ways.  Highlights: Random Rab, Saqi Ensemble, Tropo, Table Nectar Catering, fresh water hot tubs, dance, yoga, Tea Time!

“The Movement Play Microfestival is an eclectic event bringing together a rainbow of characters who love to move and play.  If you (or your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ partner/ friend/significant other) don’t know how to dance or use hoops or poi or any of that stuff (yet), you/he/she/they can still join us and have a GREAT time!  There are no expectations on you to take workshops or strut your stuff.  The classes are offered for those who would like to participate in learning various forms of joyous play.  While they certainly are a feature of this event, campers need not feel obliged to take classes. There are plenty of other things to do or not do at the Microfestival. This event is about doing what feels good to you.  If you’d like to chill and relax, or take a swim or a hike, please do what feels right for you in the moment.”- Movement Play website.

What the Festival!?!?: July 27-29, White River Canyon, OR.  Yes, another festival… andthis one is totally different.  Why? One, the people who are behind this are the cream of the crop and have decided to put all their eggs into a porcelain basket and smash it all over the place.  This is going to be rad.  Music, Hookah Lounge, BIG ART, Camping, VIP SERVICES!! What the FESTIVAL! I’m just saying…

“For OMG Experience pass holders, a quick hike up the hill directly behind main stage will bring you into a magical world of amazing vistas, relaxing chill zones, a full refreshment bar all surrounded with music, as well as surprise performances from some of our favorite DJs and musicians. Designed as an exclusive experience for the inner hedonist, you can bask in our garden of earthly delights. We are at your service! More details on the OMG Experience page.”- WTF website.

Otic Oasis 2.0/ Burning Man 2012: Many volunteer dates, Onsite at BRC Aug. 18- Sept. 4.

Otic Oasis 2.0 will rise again this year and stand tall against the horizon at Burning Man 2012.  In keeping with the theme of Fertility 2.0 — there will be two extra modules on the structure, with seven additional stand alone satellites rising further out on the playa, to
provide more private space for contemplation.

Additionally, artist Gregg Fleishman has been selected to build part of the Man Base as well!  The Man will stand on a fifty foot tall pavilion, and inside the pavilion will be the Man Base Pistil, modeled after the pistil of a flower — a double-helix with one helix composed of five intertwined modules, and the other helix of broad stadium steps and seats, inviting participants to climb.

Next volunteer work weekend: July 16 and 17, on Alameda Island.  Event Productions Inc.  Email me if you want more information on how you can get involved.

Otic Oasis Picture courtesy of Roy Two Thousand.

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  1. i like your amazing project keep it up andrea boyle.chukwudi from nigeria

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