Fireside Lounge at The Crucible

Last night at The Crucible‘s Fireside Lounge, “Industrial Strength,” there was no lack of entertainment! Between an all-star panel of women industrial artists, Rebecca Anders of FLUX Foundation and Joyce Hsu just to name a couple, Gamelan performance alongside a molten bronze pour and blacksmithing, and an art show, the three-hour event ended with the audience wanting more.  The Fireside Lounge Series at The Crucible provides a new way of attracting interest and audiences for the industrial arts; three times a year, the studio opens after-hours and, with beer or wine in hand, people can tour the facility and get first-hand experience at fine and industrial arts in action.  Just last night, a Bay Area Gamelan group came to The Crucible to accompany the process of making symbols similar to those they were playing.  The mesmerizing blend of ancient Balinese percussion instruments playing in rhythm with the swinging hammers of blacksmiths as they pounded the symbol flat, was a moment that could only happen at The Crucible.

If you missed out last night, mark your calendars for May 11, 2012 when they will be featuring “Made in Oakland,” artists panel and more fun The Crucible style.

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